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Michigan Photographers - Amateur & Professionals

Tips, Tricks, Critiques and Events

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This community was created with the idea that Photographers in Michigan could get together and discuss different aspects of photography, share outstanding Michigan locations for shoots, ask for critiques on their work and more.

In the future I would like to organize some live events within the borders of Michigan where photographers can come together and work on some great photographic projects. Stay tuned to the community for more info.

#1: This is not a community to come and flame people. Be respectful of others and their work. If you do not like someone's work, be nice about the way you phrase your critique.
#2: Do not post Nude photos, implied or otherwise. This is meant to be a community where younger kids in Michigan who are interested in photography can come to learn some tips and tricks from us who have been in the field a little longer.
#3: Do not post your phone numbers or real addresses anywhere in this community. It is a PUBLIC community, which means anyone can read anything you post! Please keep this in mind when submitting an entry.

Have fun, and welcome to the community!